Left To Wonder

Mar 15

Hell Yes!! <3


Mar 14


Life, I’m about to fucking cut you…


Mar 11

So, the truth finally sets in. 

I told myself it wasn’t going to be pretty. 

But I guess I’m up for anything these days…

Mar 09

When I get up to leave my room.

And then I hear the voices of strangers downstairs.

Sits back down…

I’m not about that Social life…

Feb 28

When someone prances out of their room after just waking up, blaring their shitty pop punk music from their shitty phone speakers…
Bitch! I just woke up, too!
I’m going to fucking cut you if you don’t turn that crap off!!

Mornings at home…

Feb 23


I miss being a little girl. Back when things were so new and exciting and I actually looked forward to waking up in the morning because I had so many things to go explore and learn.

Now, I hate waking up. I hate socializing most of the time. Nothing’s really interesting anymore. Feels like I’m just living life, waiting for death. So bored with everything… 

And I use this “Positive Thinking” as a means of mental entertainment… I don’t think I like anything anymore. There are people I love with all my heart and soul, but that’s all I have. Everything else means nothing…

Feb 21


http://robdelaney.tumblr.com/post/77392567790/after-reposting-that-piece-on-japanese-internment -


After reposting that piece on Japanese internment camps in WWII, I wanted to say that if we’d like to foster a global environment where “good” will prevail over “evil,” it is critical that we acknowledge the sins/crimes/mistakes of everyone involved, most especially ourselves. Is it good that…

The Forecast of the Next Generation -


An article in January on IGN with Capcom stated that the development time for our PS4 and Xbox One games is 8 to 10 longer than it would take from our previous generation of consoles. I stumbled across this article again and began to think, what will this do for our new consoles?

Due to the…

I’m interested in seeing how this all plays out. I don’t play a whole lot of new stuff, so I hope maybe some of the older stuff will be worked on again. Who knows…

Best meme I&#8217;ve made so far. 

Don&#8217;t do meth, kids! You&#8217;ll end up as a dead bandit!

Best meme I’ve made so far.

Don’t do meth, kids! You’ll end up as a dead bandit!